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Magic Ink Alphabet Handwriting Notebook

Magic Ink Alphabet Handwriting Notebook

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My Little Alphabet’s Magic Ink Alphabet Handwriting Notebook is perfect for toddlers under 7 years of age to understand basic concepts and words. Have hours of fun with your little ones as you embark upon an educational journey together. Our Magic Ink Pen is non-toxic, easy to hold and comes with a little holder to suit your child’s little fingers without discomfort. Great for everyday learning and for some family time.

Experience the magic of a 10-minute vanishing magic handwriting book that lets your little one jump with joy while learning a thing or two. 


  • Magic ink disappears in 10 minutes making this reusable
  • Non-toxic, easy to use and toddler friendly
  • Great for ages 1-7
  • The package includes: 1 book + 1 pen + 5 refills + 1 pen holder
  • Book material: Cardboard
  • Size: 200mm * 140mm
  • Amazing gift
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