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Fairy Tales Story Education

Fairy Tales Story Education

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While growing up, books play a major role in the overall personality development of kids. If you are willing to let your kids equip a new skill, want them to learn the art of reading and comprehension, and wish to give them great guidance from a young age, then this Fairy Tales Story Education would be a great choice for both learning and entertainment purposes.
This book can also be very quickly and easily digested by parents at a glance which can help a parent to understand the learning processes their child is going through, as well as give a parent more context towards helping their child's education.


  • Material: Paper
  • Size: A4 (21*29.7cm)

Usability Features:

  • Learn English
  • Alphabets Interactive Notebook
  • Workbook
  • Kids Homework Paper
  • Training Book
  • Exercise Book
  • Coloring Book
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