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Animal Alphabet Wooden Puzzle Pieces Set

Animal Alphabet Wooden Puzzle Pieces Set

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The Animal Alphabet Wooden Puzzle Pieces Set is a creative and engaging educational toy designed to help children learn the alphabet through play. Each letter of the alphabet is crafted in the shape of an animal that starts with that letter. This design not only makes learning fun but also aids memory and recognition!


  • Each puzzle piece features a letter of the alphabet and an animal whose name starts with that letter
  • The varied colors and animal shapes can stimulate children's visual and tactile senses, promoting sensory processing skills.


  • Gender: Unisex
  • Material: Wood
    Creative Puzzle Toy: Using 26 English letters and animal puzzles, kids may learn letters, words, and animals all while having a blast.
  • Educational Toys: Intriguing and visually appealing animal puzzle building blocks toys that help kids develop their creativity, cognitive function, and fine motor skills.
  • Parent-Child Interaction: Jigsaw puzzle blocks allow kids to play with their parents while using their imaginations to form words. These toys are great for early education and enlightening cognitive development.
  • High-Quality Material: The alphabet puzzle animal puzzle is constructed from smooth, rounded hardwood material.
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